Sunday, October 30, 2011

a sneak peak

it's sunday evening after a long week and surprisingly relaxing weekend, though it was filled with a decent amount of snow. and although there are a millions things going on in my mind and all around me, i keep sneaking back to the computer to sneak a few more peaks at the engagement photos my photographer sent to me on friday morning. these are just a few, and there are still many more to come, however, i can't help but to get giddy whenever i see these & am reminded of our fun afternoon just two weeks ago.  so, here are a few i'd like to share...

i love the effect of the polariods & am so excited that our photographer plans to use them on our wedding day as well!  more to come...:)

for more photos & to see more from our fabulous photographer, you can visit his website here.
(click "buy prints" on the left hand side for more from our session)

hoping you had a fabulous weekend!


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