Tuesday, November 27, 2012

gift guide: for the men in your life

here are a few things on my shopping list for both my husband & my brother:

shop it here

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shop it here

what's on your shopping list for the men in your life?

Monday, November 26, 2012

today i read this..

today i was perusing the interwebs and stalking...(i mean)... learning more about one of the most influential women in the news right now. and by that i mean none other than the real housewives of new york: specifically carol radziwill.  (saracastic about her being among the most influential women in the news right now, but she is influential to me! haha!)

photo from carol's website

i'm a romantic girl. i love love and i love romance and most of all i love reading a love story with a happy ending.  so when i read her bio on her personal website here i felt some kind of way.  because although there isn't necessarily a happy ending to her love story, the ending is really yet to come

she's so real and honest and so likeable.

i found her story a nice little read and thought i'd share.

hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving!


Monday, November 19, 2012

this week

monday morning the week of thanksgiving...this is the official start of the holiday season! this weekend, we visited one of our favorite little spots for dinner and i was so excited to see it all decorated for christmas.... lots of gold, green, and white.  my favorite color combo for the season!  we started our christmas shopping & i'm happy to say my in-laws are officially done! i've also started compiling a little wish list i just may leave for santa to find ;)

coming up in the next few weeks, i'm looking forward to spending the holidays with my husband, weekend get aways, cookie swap with girlfriends, a birthday, spending time with family, and so much more!  what are you looking forward to now that the holidays are here??

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

making a statement

i have always been a big fan of the jewels - the more the better has always been my motto. i love the look of layering chunky and delicate necklaces (and bracelets!).  also loving the pop of neon with chunky rhinestones.


Monday, November 12, 2012

monday's mood

photo source

even though temperatures were unseasonably warm today, i'm still wanting to wrap myself in a big cozy scarf & some sunnies and go hide out in a coffee shop for a few hours....  oh, monday!

Friday, November 9, 2012

weekend wishes & a sneak peek

after a crazy week weather-wise, i'm looking forward to a weekend with warmer temperatures.  i am NOT ready for winter, and mother nature's little gift of snow earlier this week was not well received over here! makes me want to curl up & go to sleep until spring is here.

this weekend is filled with fun & exciting things that i have been looking forward to! this afternoon shawn & i are heading to cityhall to make it OFFICIAL.... the name change that is! sort of bittersweet.. but i have been signing my new name since the day we said " i do" ;)

afterwards we plan to stroll along, do a little shopping, and grab some dinner.  my brother's band is performing in the city tonight also, and i can't wait to see them!  it will be a perfect little date afternoon/night.

other weekend plans include : an afternoon date with my mom.  catching up with some college friends. updating some home decor.  and probably looking at our wedding photos for the 25th time ... :)

what are you looking forward to this weekend??


ps - a little sneak peek!

photos by the amazing george weiss III
find him here, here, or here

Monday, November 5, 2012

monday morning

it's a chilly monday morning and i've got some extra time before heading out the door, so i thought i'd sit down with my hot cup of coffee and tend to my long lost blog.  things have been .... a whirlwind since the wedding & honeymoon.  and while i've had no trouble filling up the time that was once devoted to wedding planning, i'm also left wondering where does time go??  i've been living for the weekends, but who doesn't?? this weekend was lovely - starting with a night in: homemade pizza & wine and lots of snuggles..followed by a major "fall" cleaning and a dinner guest...and ending with a baby shower & dinner date with family.

but, perhaps, the best part of this weekend was finally being able to view our professional wedding photos! i don't have access to post them just yet, but they are stunning and i've looked at them at least 4 times through already! each time, noticing something new to love. i can't wait to share them on here & will do that as soon as i can!

well, i guess it's that time.... have a fabulous monday!