Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a few tips from yours truly

 as mentioned previously, shawn & i had our engagement photos taken this weekend.  to say we had fun would be quite an understatement!...i am still smiling about it 3 days later =)

the day of the photos, i was a nervous wreck! i don't quite know why..but i was second guessing everything - my outfit choice, shawn's outfit choice; we thought it would have been cooler outside than it ended up being, so everything was not exactly how i pictured it would be.

needless to say, i had a glass (or 2!) of wine before we left;)

so, looking back on our day, i thought i would list a few tips about prepping for your engagement session!

1. plan your outfit.  then plan your backup outfit! 
we had planned to have our session mid october expecting it to be a crisp, autumn day.  and while we had an absolutely gorgeous day, it was about 71 degrees, when we were anticipating much cooler temps. so the cute sweater outfits i had chosen for shawn and i were no longer going to work.  at the last minute i ditched my jacket sweater and shawn opted for a clean white button up.  i wanted to look casual and simple, yet classic.  i opted for a plain white tee, skinny jeans, and boots.  i added some color with a yellow scarf (to add in a pop of my wedding color)

2. choose your location!
this was an easy one for me.  i knew before we even got engaged that i wanted to have our photos taken along kelly drive between the back of the art museum and boat house row. we have become quite familiar with that area from our long runs... there are so many options! we were able to get shots by the water, by rocks, in trees, in gardens, on benches, with people in the background, with the skyline in the background, etc... it is helpful to be knowledgeable about the location, that way, if you are on a time limit (which you most likely will be) you will know which areas you definitely want to be photographed.

3. have a glass of wine!
...or your drink of your choice!  i don't know why i was feeling so anxious, i think it was mostly excitement, so a glass of wine was just what i needed to calm my nerves a bit.

4. get comfortable!
having your photo taken while holding a kissing pose is NOT NORMAL.  it's awkward! but it's also a lot of fun, and after the first few photos are taken, you will loosen up and it will be a little more comfortable.  trust your photographer to know what poses look good, but also don't be afraid to let your photographer know if you have something specific in mind.

and last but not least..

at the end of the day, these are not the most important photos you will have taken, but they might be the most fun! i felt like shawn and i were on a date, flirting and being silly for the whole time, and it was fun! enjoy yourselves:)

and a little sneak peak:
george, our photographer, has sent us a little teaser of sunday's session.  this is one of the photos...i am so excited & cannot wait to see the rest!

have a great day!



  1. These pictures are amazing, I can't wait to see the rest! It's so nice that you'll have all of these pics to remind you of such a happy and exciting time for you and Shawn!

  2. so cute!!! and if you got those earrings at target, i totally have them and love them:)

  3. Great tips. And because it is Friday, I'll be doing all of them.

    I love your blog - simple, fun and meaningful. Keep it up girl!