Monday, February 28, 2011

spring is springing!

the temperatures have been slowly rising & march is literally right around the corner - i couldn't be happier =)

yesterday, while out & about, i picked up these little beauties:

i just love having fresh flowers in the house - especially daffodils because they are a sure sign of spring time!
very excited to welcome march tomorrow.
hope your week is off to a great start!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

a change of plans & the best compliment of my life!

i was in a slump all day yesterday. 

i've been slowly sinking into a mild depression due to the fact that i am so unhappy with my job status.  i'm 26 years old & at this point in my life i feel that i am too old to be working two jobs.  i'm so frustrated that i need to have a part time job. the job market is horrible right now & i know i should be thankful to have one job, let alone two. and although i have been looking for something new for some time now, it seems like whenever something good comes along, i get too hopeful & it just doesn't work out.

so anyway, this slump was ultimately due to the fact that shawn & i were invited to a party & had to say no because i had to work.  but around 4:00 my phone rang & it was my boss unexpectedly giving me the night off!
with the excitement of this news, i quickly became un-slumped and energized.  i changed my clothes & went o the gym. after the gym, we made some dinner & got ready for the party! woohoo:)

fast forward to the party:

courtney & me

courtney had so kindly extended an invite to a party at her SIL-to-be's house.  which, by the way, was an amazingly gorgeous & awesome loft in northern liberties.  

while at the get together, i recieved the compliment of a lifetime from courtney and her fiance fred.  they told me that they often have conversations about MY HUGS and how i give THE BEST HUGS. they must have seen the look of shock & flattery on my face because they proceeded to ask me, "You have to be kidding, no one has ever told you this before?" 
NO! i had no idea i was the giver of the best hugs!  
i'm so excited & quite flattered.
thanks court & fred=)
 i love this pic of court with the bread head & look how smiley freddie is in the background!

 i fell in love with the couch in the man cave<3

also, thanks to the boss man for giving me a much needed night off.
and keep your positive thoughts coming this way- i'm waiting to hear something on the job front!

today's agenda includes: some gym time; a quick errand to home depot to gather materials needed to hang some paintings; a stop at the farmers market; and then kabobs on the grill for dinner!

have a lovely sunday!


Friday, February 25, 2011

friday randoms

it's friday! here in philly the rain is really coming down and it is so windy out there that i'm afraid the top of the house is going to blow off! to top it off, i am home sick with one of the worst head colds i have ever had :( being home alone & sick on a friday like this, makes me want to curl up on the couch and watch a good movie..or catch up on the dvr!...or day dream about spring time:

some randomness:

i am very excited for something borrowed (the movie) to come out!!  in preparation, i am reading the books again! emily giffin is my favorite author and her books are so fun to read.  what are some of your favorite books & authors?

i can't wait to wear these pretty little thangs:

thanks aunt joan<3

last night my boyfriend made my night when he went into the bathroom with this face:
and came out of the bathroom with this face:
yep, that's right! the beard is gone! woo hoo!

netflix are coming today: rent & social network!  rent is a favorite for shawn & me, and i can't wait to watch social network! have you seen it? what did you think?

have a fancy friday!!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

adele is ah-mazing

i cannot, literally, cannot, will not, don't even want to try to stop listening to adele's new cd.  she is so amazing, every song is so good that i just want to listen over & over til i know all the words and can belt them all out!!!!

i haven't been this obsessed with a cd since i was 15 and mariah carey was my idol!!
recently, someone very close to me ended a 2 year relationship. when i hear adele's "someone like you lyrics" it makes me want to cry for the loss and sadness that he is experiencing.  at the same time, i know that this was the best decision for the two of them..

"Nothing compares,
No worries or cares,
Regrets and mistakes, they're memories made,
Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?"


in other news: a very exciting day has arrived!
a package from aunt joan was delivered!
yay!! thank you for all of my goodies, baby joan joan! i hope you know how much it means to me & how much i appreciate all that you do & give.  i love you & i miss you!!

wishing all a fabulous week!

Monday, February 21, 2011

weekend recap

i had a wonderful, relaxing 4 day weekend! the boy toy & i enjoyed 4 days of fun starting off with gorgeous weather on friday! we hit the gym, did a little shopping and then headed up to THE lehigh valley to spend some time with one of our favorite couples.  a few weeks ago i made a new years resolution (just a tad bit after the fact!) to spend more time with my girlfriends. i need to see them at least once a month!! no excuses!

kristen & i had a great time catching up on our favorite celeb gossip, clothes, jewelery, wedding related things, and of course healthy drinks/snacks..thus discovering our new favorite low calorie drink of choice: vodka & club soda with a lemon & a lime!  it was quite refreshing and with so little calories, completely guilt free!

recreating one of our favorite photos from college - not quite the same but still makes me smile!

other highlights from the weekend include spending time with both of our wonderful families.

back to work tomorrow...unless the weather has something else in mind for us!  supposedly there are 1-3 inches of snow on the way!

hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

OBSESSION: celebrity engagement rings!!...continued!

you may or may not remember a recent post declaring my love for all things celebrity engagement! let the obsession continue:

 how cute are alli and roberto from the bachelor?? hers is a 3 carat cushion cut, approx $50,000..thanks abc!

 i absolutely adore anything and everything bethenny frankel! her engagement ring is no different: 6.5 carats, pear shape estimated worth: $150,000!!!

 brooke shields antique cushion cut set in platinum

 heidi klum - 10 carat fancy yellow different! i love it!

ivanka trump - 5.2 carat cushion cut in platinum.  from her own jewelry line

jessica alba - 5 carat cushion cut with halo and diamond shank..gorgeous!

katie holmes - 5 carat oval shape set in platinum and rose gold. i loveeee rose gold

katy perry - custom indian design chosen by russell

mariah carey - $2.5 million 17 carat...holy bling!

mena suvari - 8 carats ..that thing looks huge!

so, which is your favorite??


Friday, February 18, 2011

it'sssssss friday!!!

happy friday!!

not only is it friday but:
i have off today.
it's in the 60s!


i get to see my one of my best friends tonight!
(check out kristen's blog here )
in honor of seeing kristen tonight, i thought i'd post a small picture montage:

love her!!
enjoy your friday!!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

j hud

may i have a moment to pick up my jaw from the floor after seeing jennifer hudson at the grammys this weekend?

i mean, really, if that's not motivation, i don't know what is! she looks amazing!!!

some of my other favorite looks of the evening:

 of course, my girl g! loving this dress.

 j lo looks amazing. i want those legs!!!

kimk - i'll take your shoes please..
and your hair stylist. thank you..

how cute is selena gomez!! adorable!

i was very disappointed that miss carrie was mia...where were you carrie??!!

favorite performance? i'd have to say mumford & sons/ katy perry/ eminem/ ceelo & gwyneth...i loved them all!

overall, i thought the grammys were amazing this year.  they definitely did not disappoint!

what was your favorite performance? who wore your favorite look?

in other news: i have a new favorite healthy treat! and i highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, likes something sweet after dinner.
while at the grocery store shawn found a chocolate banana pop kit! 

all you need is 4 bananas.
insert popsicle sticks.
dip in chocolate.
freeze easy!

frozen bananas taste just like frozen yogurt.  they become creamy and smooth! mix that with a thin chocolate shell and you have the perfect low cal, sweet treat!
what is your favorite low calorie treat?

happy wednesday!