Monday, October 17, 2011

always remember

woke up feeling so blessed this morning. yesterday was filled with fun & excitement as we got our engagement photos taken. when we got home we were still giddy. it seems silly, but the photo session was just so FUN and it felt like we were flirting all afternoon. what girl doesn't love a cute boy flirting with her?

at dinner, shawn & i were talking about how we never want to forget what yesterday felt like. being silly and cute and sweet with each other. i will always remember yesterday with a smile...



  1. Allison, you will never forget this day as you have your images to look back on....what awesome memories! My husband & I are like that, we laugh like little kids, play & joke around - we will be married 19 yrs in April:)

    Happy Monday!

  2. How sweet. I always love a good photo session. haha.