Sunday, October 2, 2011

ahh, October

october has to be one of my favorite months for the sheer fact that is truly means fall is here. i have been anticipating the cooler temps, the rich colors outside, and the cozy fall attire.  although this morning is a bit dreary, i am actually quite enjoying it.

this weekend i have been on a cloud. waking up every morning with a smile on my face, laying in a bed just a few minutes longer...just daydreaming of the DRESS.

yes.. i said yes to the dress this past thursday morning and i cannot stop thinking about it!

it was an easy choice for me. although, i do have to laugh because it is everything i said i DID NOT want.

last monday night, mom & i had an appointment at a bridal salon back home.  we were allotted a strict 1 hour time slot. so, i came prepared with numbers in hand...5 to be exact.  5 dresses to try on in one hour, that seems reasonable.  we entered the SMALL bridal salon, i handed the sweet girl my paper with all 5 numbers on it and stood there as she looked them over.  she then proceeded to tell me that she had ZERO of my choices in stock.

hmm, no problems here. surly i can find something to put on my body! mom & i start to scour the racks (which there were about 3!)! nothing! not even one dress i would slightly be interested in. so, the girls that worked there (who could not have been sweeter!) started to pull a few dresses for me to try on (only one of which had the silhouette i was looking for)...when it was all said and done i had tried on 10 dresses.  10 dresses that left me with no feeling to speak of.  at the end of the appointment she jotted down some numbers for me, which she probably knew i took only to be nice.  they offered to try to get in my number 1 option.  all in all, a great experience for my first time trying on dresses.  the bridal boutique was small and not overwhelming, the girls were very sweet and helpful, and i learned exactly what i did not want to wear on my wedding day.

i had no fear, and was still very hopeful because the following thursday i had a second appointment at a bridal boutique that 2 of my girlfriends from college had purchased their stunning gowns from.

so thursday morning comes & i have to admit i was a bit grouchy! i was apprehensive & nervous that this place, too, would leave me wanting more.  mom picked me up & we made the drive into delaware (which was only a half hour from my house!) and arrived at bridal appointment #2!

it was THE perfect example of "do not judge a book by its cover"! i will leave it at that... :)

but then i went inside. and i met the bubbly, sweet, energetic, nikki...and was invited to look through racks and racks in the two rooms that were over flowing with stunning, gorgeous wedding dresses.  i pulled about 12 dresses to try on and eagerly hopped into the fitting room and slipped into the first dress that would actually make me feel like a was. STUNNING.  i was IN LOVE.  this was THE ONE. it had to be MINE!  i stood in that first dress for about 15 minutes just staring at myself in the mirror. wow, never thought i could look so good! seriously, though, isn't that how every bride should feel? this dress was so gorgeous and so amazing, and that is exactly how it made me feel. i put on a veil, and i knew that this was going to be the dress i will wear on the day i marry shawn!

but this was only the first dress of back to the fitting room i went! i tried on so many beautiful gowns, but nothing could compare to dress #1.  at the end, i put #1 back on and when i came out of the fitting room, mom's face said it all.  her eyes lit up, her jaw dropped and she just said "wow"....

i took some photos, and mom did too. (which of course will stay locked away!!) it was a fabulous day and one that i will always treasure, the day my mom & i chose my wedding gown!

one more checked item on the "to do before the i do's" list!



  1. I'm so glad you had such a good experience on day 2! You are going to be such a gorgeous bride! Love!

  2. Yay! Is there not a way to follow you on here?