Sunday, October 9, 2011

a few things

no secret here... i LOVE fall! by far, my favorite season of them all. (and not so secretly i wish the seasons went spring, summer, fall, spring, summer, fall, etc..) one of my favorite attributes of fall is the sight of PUMPKINS.  last year (and this year too!) i was head over heels for the fairytale & white pumpkins.

aren't they cute?


i'm still waking up every morning thinking about my wedding dress.  ahhhh...i cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day! it's crazy to think that i still have about 11 months to go. i know it will go by fast, but now that i have found my dress i feel like i am ready to walk down the aisle! this morning in church, as i was walking up to the alter to receive communion, i was literally getting teary eyed, imagining the same walk on my wedding day..dorky, i know!! but i am definitely overwhelmed with happiness & excitement!!

speaking of the wedding, i have chosen the designer for my bridesmaids' dresses- bill levkoff.  i want my girls to choose their own style for their dress, and the color is called "french canary."  from the start, i knew i wanted my colors to be gray & yellow.  early on, i stumbled across this wedding, and have been using it as my "inspiration."

i just adore all of these images..although my guys will be wearing gray instead of black.  i also love the look of the bridesmaids having different style dresses on, as well as silver OR gold strappy heels.

and, a little recap of my week, since i have not been finding the time to blog!

last weekend, shawn and i were gifted some tickets for the eagles game! and although they lost terribly, the weather was cold & wet, and we were surrounded by a drunk or 2;)...we had FANTASTIC seats, and we enjoyed every minute!

the rest of my week has been filled with working and running and spending time with my fiancee :) on most mornings, we have been up at 4:45am to get to the gym by 5am.  at first it was really hard to get up so early, but now it is a part of our daily routine, and i can honestly say that i much prefer the early workouts.  by the time i get home from work, i am exhausted and the last thing i want to do is get changed and head to the crowded gym to wait around for the machines or weights i want.  in the AM, the gym is not crowded and i never have to wait to use anything.  to top it all off, there is no feeling like getting home from work & knowing you already have your workout done for the day! however, about once a week, if we know the weather will be nice, we will allow ourselves to sleep in and go for a run when we get home from work. 

check out my view from our run on kelly drive this past thursday.

that run was followed by:
some delish homemade pizza and:
our new seasonal favorite...soo good!!

coming up this week, i am most excited about our engagement session on sunday! i'm hoping for a cool, crisp, autumn day...a good hair day & a cute outfit;) can't wait to share those photos with you!

hoping you had a great weekend and wishing you a fabulous week!


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  1. I am new to your blog and it is super cute! I noticed you live in Philly and I am right outside in KOP! I loved wedding planning and I hope you will enjoy it too. Once I got my dress all I wanted to do was prance around in it haha. Look forward to reading more!