Wednesday, August 28, 2013

pushing through the funk

after the wedding, i admittedly put working out on the back burner. i had that frame of mind that it was more important to spend quality time with my husband than spending time in the gym.... silly, i know! and while it is most definitely important to spend time with your husband, it is all about balancing time and setting priorities.
recently i have been trying to incorporate workouts (specifically running) back into my daily routine.  I've been waking up earlier and hitting the pavement..and thinking to myself, why did i waste almost a whole summer of not taking advantage of the awesome trails and scenery in my neighborhood?  it's been a rude awakening to see that my times and endurance have obviously taken a hit with my time away from running, but i am really excited to get back at it- and! - with some new goals in mind ;)
thought i would share of my recent inspirations for anyone who is also looking to be inspired...

all photos via pinterest

tell me, where do you find your inspirations for working out?


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

soaking up summer

i know i am not alone when i say i am feeling slightly heavy hearted about it being late august.  summer fills me with happiness - and there is something about the gorgeous weather and happy sunshine that just makes me want to be a little more adventurous.  as much as i lovelovelove fall, i am not ready to say goodbye to summer.  i thought i would create an end of summer bucket list to help soak up every last second of this sweet summertime...

1. {wine tasting} 
i have always, always wanted to do a wine tasting and think that a late summer winery tour would be a perfect time to do it! i also think it would be so fun to host a wine tasting where each guest brings their favorite bottle of wine for sharing..

source for photo

2. {boat}

source for photos

3. {pack a picnic}
as long as we have lived here (almost 4 years!) i have wanted to pack a picnic and enjoy an afternoon along kelly drive (location for our engagement photos).  this will probably have to wait until temps cool down a bit.  but how fun would it be to pack some good wine, a good book, some good food, and a cute boy & cozy down along the river for a few hours?

4. {just beachy}
spend as much time at the beach as possible and soak up as much sun as i can.  i could lay on a beach all day if you let me.. the beach is a little slice of heaven as far as i am concerned and i can never get enough.  shawn and i have been making day trips to our favorite spot in LBI (beach haven) throughout the summer and every time we pack up to head home, i feel sad to have to say goodbye.  i'm hoping we can squeeze in a little weekend getaway towards the end of the summer when the crowds head home to go back to school ;)

what are you doing to soak up every last drop of summer?


Friday, August 16, 2013's me again

i don't know where to begin SO i will just say that life has been B U S Y... and i have been just enjoying the ride! it's been a while since i have blogged and i can honestly say that i have missed it! what started out as "bloggers block" then turned into hesitation (or, laziness)....etc.... but there has been more than one occasion when i have thought to myself, "ok, time to get back to it".... and then, again,  hesitated for some reason or another.

anyway, let's briefly sum up what has been going on around these parts for the past few months:
lots of date nights
 (my favorite thing ever) 
 a few day trips to the beach 
(another one of my favorite things ever) 
trying new recipes 
trips to NYC 
my new bike!

i'm off to enjoy a three day weekend & i hope you enjoy yours as well!