Sunday, February 13, 2011

a new bike for shawn

with warmer weather on the horizon, my mind is nonstop thinking of the possibilities of running outside!  i cannot wait to get back on the trail! my adorable worry wort of a mom is always stressing of an attack, mugging, or even worse, yikes!! thus, came the purchase of this little gem:

(courtesy of shawn)

for some time now i have been trying to make my precious boyfriend a runner.  and he tried really hard; at one point i think he convinced himself that he, too, was a runner.  but that was short lived and he is now back to hating all things running/jogging related.
so, i was thinking that in order to make all parties happy, we could find boyfriend a slightly used, inexpensive bicycle on craigslist!
while perusing the interesting options, shawn found a solution!

enter: shawn's bike

a reebok jogging stroller!
shawn says i can push and he will sit.
the perfect problem solver! and only $200, never been used!
haha, love him!

happy sunday=)