Wednesday, February 16, 2011

j hud

may i have a moment to pick up my jaw from the floor after seeing jennifer hudson at the grammys this weekend?

i mean, really, if that's not motivation, i don't know what is! she looks amazing!!!

some of my other favorite looks of the evening:

 of course, my girl g! loving this dress.

 j lo looks amazing. i want those legs!!!

kimk - i'll take your shoes please..
and your hair stylist. thank you..

how cute is selena gomez!! adorable!

i was very disappointed that miss carrie was mia...where were you carrie??!!

favorite performance? i'd have to say mumford & sons/ katy perry/ eminem/ ceelo & gwyneth...i loved them all!

overall, i thought the grammys were amazing this year.  they definitely did not disappoint!

what was your favorite performance? who wore your favorite look?

in other news: i have a new favorite healthy treat! and i highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, likes something sweet after dinner.
while at the grocery store shawn found a chocolate banana pop kit! 

all you need is 4 bananas.
insert popsicle sticks.
dip in chocolate.
freeze easy!

frozen bananas taste just like frozen yogurt.  they become creamy and smooth! mix that with a thin chocolate shell and you have the perfect low cal, sweet treat!
what is your favorite low calorie treat?

happy wednesday!


1 comment:

  1. Jennifer Hudson looks AMaZing yes! BUT if I was rich, and didn't have to work or make dinner I think (well hope) I could look like that too! It is so frustrating being a "normal" girl! I get so tired sometime always working out and watching what I eat that I just cry! haha

    And I really loved Lea Michelle's dress at the Grammy's I don't care what the Fashion Police said! haha

    We can share some healthy eating tips on FRIDAY!! Can not WAIT!