Friday, February 25, 2011

friday randoms

it's friday! here in philly the rain is really coming down and it is so windy out there that i'm afraid the top of the house is going to blow off! to top it off, i am home sick with one of the worst head colds i have ever had :( being home alone & sick on a friday like this, makes me want to curl up on the couch and watch a good movie..or catch up on the dvr!...or day dream about spring time:

some randomness:

i am very excited for something borrowed (the movie) to come out!!  in preparation, i am reading the books again! emily giffin is my favorite author and her books are so fun to read.  what are some of your favorite books & authors?

i can't wait to wear these pretty little thangs:

thanks aunt joan<3

last night my boyfriend made my night when he went into the bathroom with this face:
and came out of the bathroom with this face:
yep, that's right! the beard is gone! woo hoo!

netflix are coming today: rent & social network!  rent is a favorite for shawn & me, and i can't wait to watch social network! have you seen it? what did you think?

have a fancy friday!!


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  1. humm....where to start?? I seriously think we got each other sick! I left today at 11:30 so now I will be on the sofa all day! Watching my fav, Jersey Shore right now! Spring where are you?!?! I can't take this weather anymore! As soon as it get warm Ian and I will plan a trip to visit you and Shawn and hang out on your roof deck.....

    I think I need to try and read Something Borrowed again, it is BY FAR my favorite book, and even though I don't care for the cast I'm looking forward to the movie!

    AND NO MORE BEARDED MAN?!?! I can't believe he shaved! What a cutie! Love you miss you feel better! (sorry so long!)