Sunday, February 27, 2011

a change of plans & the best compliment of my life!

i was in a slump all day yesterday. 

i've been slowly sinking into a mild depression due to the fact that i am so unhappy with my job status.  i'm 26 years old & at this point in my life i feel that i am too old to be working two jobs.  i'm so frustrated that i need to have a part time job. the job market is horrible right now & i know i should be thankful to have one job, let alone two. and although i have been looking for something new for some time now, it seems like whenever something good comes along, i get too hopeful & it just doesn't work out.

so anyway, this slump was ultimately due to the fact that shawn & i were invited to a party & had to say no because i had to work.  but around 4:00 my phone rang & it was my boss unexpectedly giving me the night off!
with the excitement of this news, i quickly became un-slumped and energized.  i changed my clothes & went o the gym. after the gym, we made some dinner & got ready for the party! woohoo:)

fast forward to the party:

courtney & me

courtney had so kindly extended an invite to a party at her SIL-to-be's house.  which, by the way, was an amazingly gorgeous & awesome loft in northern liberties.  

while at the get together, i recieved the compliment of a lifetime from courtney and her fiance fred.  they told me that they often have conversations about MY HUGS and how i give THE BEST HUGS. they must have seen the look of shock & flattery on my face because they proceeded to ask me, "You have to be kidding, no one has ever told you this before?" 
NO! i had no idea i was the giver of the best hugs!  
i'm so excited & quite flattered.
thanks court & fred=)
 i love this pic of court with the bread head & look how smiley freddie is in the background!

 i fell in love with the couch in the man cave<3

also, thanks to the boss man for giving me a much needed night off.
and keep your positive thoughts coming this way- i'm waiting to hear something on the job front!

today's agenda includes: some gym time; a quick errand to home depot to gather materials needed to hang some paintings; a stop at the farmers market; and then kabobs on the grill for dinner!

have a lovely sunday!


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  1. JALOUS! Wish I was there with my friends! And work sucks, sorry to hear you are so down, I know how you are feeling....LOVE