Sunday, March 13, 2011

so, about that..

i was so excited to finally watch due date this weekend..and immediately after clicking "publish post" on friday's post, i ripped open the red netflix envelope to discover: 

cop out? 
ummm, while i'm sure this movie is wonderful & funny, this is NOT what I was expecting. soooooo instead, we watched the hangover for the umpteenth time.  never gets old! i love that movie (even if i fell asleep 40 minutes into it!) honestly, i needed to get my zach galifianakus fix!

i guess i'm not the only one who is super excited to watch due date, because netflix has notified me that it will not be available until march 22nd...ok, i'll wait..

in other recap info: i am very happy to report that my recent brooks purchase was indeed a good one.  brooks is by far the most comfortable & supportive running shoe i have ever experienced.  if you are looking for a new running shoe, i very highly recommend brooks!

on the job front: i have nothing new & excited to report:(
it is depressing, and i'm sad about it. 
but, i saw this:

while i may not have the dream job, (or dream car, dream house, etc...) i, by no means, live a tough life. i have the best boyfriend a girl could ask for, some pretty fabulous girlfriends, & and an amazing family. i can say that, job stress aside, i am happy..and more importantly, healthy.

i hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. bummer city about your movie!! i always wondered if people ever got sent the wrong movie, guess now i know my answer! LOVE that saying and it is totally true! lets be honest here, i'm not going to speak for you, but for myself having a career isn't really top priority for career will be eventually being a mom and a wife, i just need to find a decent job that will help me afford my career! keep your head up girlfriend, things will work out eventually, and until there keep counting your blessings! AND of course you do have outlet shopping with yours truly to look forward to! love!