Sunday, March 27, 2011

kiwi changed my life.

have you had the kiwi experience?

kiwi frozen yogurt is the best, most creative idea ever! upon walking in, you choose your cup size.

then you walk along the line of yogurt dispensers & choose your flavors.  there were about a dozen or so different flavors.

can you tell we were excited? a little piece of heaven on earth!

 i started off with birthday cake, quite possibly the best flavor out there.

 after choosing all the flavors your little heart desires, you choose from a very large variety of toppings, including fresh fruit, granola, brownies, cookie dough, reese's peanut butter cups, jelly beans, jimmies, etc, etc, etc...
then you weigh your cup and pay 49 cents per ounce, which roughly equaled $6.00...the most delicious $6.00 ever spent =)

 the finished produt included: birthday cake, red velvet, pomegranate, chocolate & peanut butter swirl, topped with one brownie, one cookie dough, some chocolate sauce, some peanut butter sauce and some granola for a little crunch!

amazing!! it's probably a good thing this is not close to my house;) perfect date night in my book!
and as you can tell, it was absolutely packed.

yesterday was an amazing day spent shopping and catching up with my best girls. we topped it off with dinner at wegman's & frozen yogurt at kiwi, followed by a pocketbooth photo shoot of course!

ps- if you live near a banana republic, run there now to experience the amazing sales that are happening! you will not be disappointed, i promise=)

i hope you had a great weekend! enjoy sunday funday=)

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  1. MMMM love frozen Yogurt!!
    We dont have KIWI but we have a ton of the same kind all around our area they are popping up one after another!! Love them.

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