Saturday, March 5, 2011

girl put your records on

still loving this song =)


i have had blogger's block for about a week now:/
i hate it, because i honestly love blogging! but i sit down & nothing comes to mind. .
so, i thought i'd do a list of random things about me!
here goes:

1. i am naturally blonde, through & through. (just get some highlights once in a while.)  i laugh at myself at least once a day!

2. i have a plethora of useless knowledge regarding celebrities, names of people from high school, song lyrics, people, places, things, outfits worn, food eaten, smells, etc...
but i can not tell you anything worth while, haha. unless the above list is worth your while=)

3. my favorite place in the world is central park, nyc.

4. i am the biggest animal lover.  i've never met an animal that i didn't like, or animal that didn't like me!

5. my biggest fear would be a tie between spiders and those million legged creatures that flutter across the floor late at night.

6. i love to read.

7. my best friend is my boyfriend & i think that our relationship is awesome!  i never knew that i could ever get thisclose to someone.

8. my favorite movie is "the holiday". i could watch it back to back & not get sick of it.

9. my favorite memory is from a trip to nyc. in was mid january and shawn & i took a train ride to the city.  we spent the day walking around, shopping, eating and drinking.  it occurred to us that neither one of us had ever been ice skating at rockefeller center. so we finished our drinks, hopped in a cab and we were off to go ice skating!

 10. i love to run & plan on running a marathon. i think it would be awesome to call myself a marathoner!


i hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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  1. yay your back! I was worried! I love that song still too! It reminds me of spring!