Wednesday, March 9, 2011

in like a lion

march is here in full force. the upcoming weather is predicting floods and downpours..yuck!

can we fast forward a week or 2?
i splurged a little bit & i cannot wait until my purchase arrives..which according to my shipping date, SHOULD be tomorrow.  allow me to introduce my new running buddies:
brooks glycerin 8
can't wait to start training with these bad boys..haha

in other news - today is ash wednesday! and so, being the good little catholic that i am, i finally (at 7:30am) decided what to give up for lent! my afternoon snack & any/all desserts.  this is a win/win. give up something that i have EVERY day, and hopefully, slim the waistline;) in addition to this, i also like to do something nice everyday. so i will also be making sure to say something nice to someone. by the way, that is a great color on you! ;)

so happy it's wednesday..the weekends do not come quick enough!

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  1. love the new sneakers! i am going to need a new pair soon also, i am thinking of looking at the nike ones that you can put the chip into that connects to your for lent, i did not give anything up, i am a horrible catholic! i was thinking instead of giving something up that i would start to go to church instead, so we'll see how that goes, i'm trying to get ian to go with me on saturday before dinner, just think if we lived in the same town we could go together......miss you! i am super excited for the outlets in a few weeks, hopefully you already got off work. have a fabulous weekend tell shawn i said hiiii love you guys!