Wednesday, August 21, 2013

soaking up summer

i know i am not alone when i say i am feeling slightly heavy hearted about it being late august.  summer fills me with happiness - and there is something about the gorgeous weather and happy sunshine that just makes me want to be a little more adventurous.  as much as i lovelovelove fall, i am not ready to say goodbye to summer.  i thought i would create an end of summer bucket list to help soak up every last second of this sweet summertime...

1. {wine tasting} 
i have always, always wanted to do a wine tasting and think that a late summer winery tour would be a perfect time to do it! i also think it would be so fun to host a wine tasting where each guest brings their favorite bottle of wine for sharing..

source for photo

2. {boat}

source for photos

3. {pack a picnic}
as long as we have lived here (almost 4 years!) i have wanted to pack a picnic and enjoy an afternoon along kelly drive (location for our engagement photos).  this will probably have to wait until temps cool down a bit.  but how fun would it be to pack some good wine, a good book, some good food, and a cute boy & cozy down along the river for a few hours?

4. {just beachy}
spend as much time at the beach as possible and soak up as much sun as i can.  i could lay on a beach all day if you let me.. the beach is a little slice of heaven as far as i am concerned and i can never get enough.  shawn and i have been making day trips to our favorite spot in LBI (beach haven) throughout the summer and every time we pack up to head home, i feel sad to have to say goodbye.  i'm hoping we can squeeze in a little weekend getaway towards the end of the summer when the crowds head home to go back to school ;)

what are you doing to soak up every last drop of summer?


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