Wednesday, August 28, 2013

pushing through the funk

after the wedding, i admittedly put working out on the back burner. i had that frame of mind that it was more important to spend quality time with my husband than spending time in the gym.... silly, i know! and while it is most definitely important to spend time with your husband, it is all about balancing time and setting priorities.
recently i have been trying to incorporate workouts (specifically running) back into my daily routine.  I've been waking up earlier and hitting the pavement..and thinking to myself, why did i waste almost a whole summer of not taking advantage of the awesome trails and scenery in my neighborhood?  it's been a rude awakening to see that my times and endurance have obviously taken a hit with my time away from running, but i am really excited to get back at it- and! - with some new goals in mind ;)
thought i would share of my recent inspirations for anyone who is also looking to be inspired...

all photos via pinterest

tell me, where do you find your inspirations for working out?


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  1. I am in the same boat girl. Totally mad at myself. I am going back to my boot camp style class tonight and know I am going to get my ass kicked. Ugh starting over sucks. But its been long enough for me.