Friday, August 16, 2013's me again

i don't know where to begin SO i will just say that life has been B U S Y... and i have been just enjoying the ride! it's been a while since i have blogged and i can honestly say that i have missed it! what started out as "bloggers block" then turned into hesitation (or, laziness)....etc.... but there has been more than one occasion when i have thought to myself, "ok, time to get back to it".... and then, again,  hesitated for some reason or another.

anyway, let's briefly sum up what has been going on around these parts for the past few months:
lots of date nights
 (my favorite thing ever) 
 a few day trips to the beach 
(another one of my favorite things ever) 
trying new recipes 
trips to NYC 
my new bike!

i'm off to enjoy a three day weekend & i hope you enjoy yours as well!


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