Monday, January 7, 2013

monday's mood: thankful

another great weekend in the books and i woke up this morning feeling so thankful & so grateful that this is my life!

i was reflecting on where i was just one year ago: feelings of depression and pressure and sadness... even in the midst of wedding planning  - the most exciting and happiest time of my life so far, i was still feeling this nagging in the back of my mind - the wedding planning being a great distractor. but something was lacking.  i was so unhappy in my job and felt unappreciated, underpaid, unfulfilled, and overall incompetent that even with a degree i was struggling.

every sunday i went to church and prayed for a new job, a purpose, and that something would come along. i also prayed for happiness, financial security, health, and for my relationship with my (then soon -to-be) husband.

fast forward to this morning and something clicked for me. i'm not sure why i hadn't realized this before because it is quite obvious! when you ask for something and you are patient, you will receive!  i truly believe that God works in amazing ways, and this is just another fabulous thing that has happened to me.  in may i was offered my dream job.  i was able to finish out the school year in my previous job and enjoy some summer (and tie up some loose ends with the wedding plans!) before starting the new position in late july.  since then, everyday i wake up excited to go to work and still have to pinch myself every so often that yes, this is real life! and yes, this is my life!

now, almost 6 months into the new job i feel like i am still learning new things with everyday.  i have already made friendships that i cannot imagine my life without. things have fallen into place just the way they were meant to be.

{i don't like to talk much about religion and different beliefs on my blog, but i do like to talk about feeling grateful and blessed!}

i can't wait to see what will happen this year . . . remember to be thankful and that anything can happen!

one of our favorite nights on our honeymoon in aruba - sunset dinner, with our toes in the water! when i look at this photo i can't help but smile!


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