Tuesday, January 29, 2013

if i were to do it again...

i'm still wedding as wedding obsessed as i was before becoming a mrs.  i still subscribe to style me pretty and admire just about every wedding they post. so, last week i saw this wedding and i thought to myself, if i could have a dress re-do this would be it.  i showed shawn, and he to liked it... or he just nodded in agreement to appease me! (probably more like it, ha!)

all photos: source

 quite different from my actual wedding dress, i love the flowy-ness, the sheer fabric across the chest, the bow detail, and just the right amount of poof.  soooo dreamy! do you want a dress re-do?


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  1. That gown is DIVINE. There's a dress I found in a magazine about a year ago and my heart stopped for a second when I first laid eyes on it. I totally think I would have gone for a different dress if I had the chance even though my actual gown was pretty lovely :)