Thursday, January 17, 2013

a new favorite: {restaurant}

last week we finally were able to celebrate shawn's birthday.  you see, his birthday falls on december 31st, so we always try to celebrate it a few days in advance.  this year, however, i was so sicksicksick the day we originally planned to do dinner.  so we rescheduled.  then HE got sicksicksick.... make a long story short, we just finally got around to having that birthday dinner last week.

i wanted to surprise shawn and take him to a restaurant that we had never tried before. i checked out philly magazine's top 50 restaurants and went from there.  i'm border line obsessed with reading reviews (for everything and anything!) as well as menus.  so it took me a little while to pinpoint the right place. but i did finally decide on philly's oyster house.  we first tried oysters during our staycation after the honeymoon, and we loved them! we were able to make it during their happy hour, where they have select oysters for $1!

i have to say that their decor was so exactly my taste: picture white exposed brick walls and subway tiles, with gray accents and vintage oysters plates scattered on the walls to add some extra color and fun.  these photos are directly from their site:

we were able to sit right at the oyster bar section where the oysters were shucked right in front of us.  it was very different from anywhere we have been before.

now, on to the food!  we, of course, started with oysters.  shawn had their lobster roll (amazing!) and i had the striped bass with kale and butternut squash.  the food is just amazing... i want to go back already!

after wards we walked along the city streets and popped into a little hole-in-the-wall bar for one last drink before heading home... and i realized that sometimes tuesday night dates are my favorite!


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  1. cute restaurant! I am obsessed with reading online reviews and menus as well, it takes me FOREVER to pick a restaurant when we go out! happy bday to your hubby!