Monday, January 28, 2013

lovely little weekend

this past weekend was the perfect no plans, spur of the moment fun, last minute ideas kind of weekend. it started off on friday with a last minute hair appointment.  i received an email late thursday stating that my salon had last minute appointments to fill on friday at 50% off! for real?! i was so excited to scoop up a late friday afternoon appointment to get my blonde brightened and a little trim. friday evening was spent sipping on some drinks with my husband as we "day dreamed" and house hunted online in some of the nicest areas of the city that we will actually never really live haha... it was the perfect friday evening!

saturday morning we woke up with no plans so we decided to head into the city for the day for lunch and some shopping.

shawn is a beer connoisseur and has been wanting to try out the Belgium Cafe in the art museum area for some time now. we have tried their sister restaurant, Monk's, in the past.  both restaurants have extensive beer lists, and are known for their mussels.  we had so much fun!

shawn's burger & fries.  i always, always, always have to have a bite of his food.  i typically am NOT a burger kind of girl, but this one was delish! if we go back, i might possibly consider ordering one.... ;) no fries and hold the bun!

my chicken salad- good but a little too rich for my liking.  it had apples and grapes which i loved.

how cute is this guy?! i fell in love with him immediately!
after lunch i made a few purchases at anthropologie, h&m, and urban outfitters. i just have to share this adorable ring dish from anthro..

and then on sunday we had a little starbucks date followed by seeing zero dark thirty.  the movie was so, so good and i definitely recommend it.  jessica chastain is quickly becoming a new favorite for me.  (and did you see her last night at the SAG awards? perfect!)

i loved that this weekend was full of daytime dates and spent with my very best friend! i hope your weekend was fabulous!


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