Wednesday, August 8, 2012

invitation reveal

i'm back!! it has been a little while, but there has been soooo much going on here.  first of all, computer problems which have prevented me from being able to blog! but that is all settled now thanks to our new macbook!  and then this little thing came along called A NEW JOB! i feel so blessed and so lucky that this kind of dream job landed in my lap!

and so, considering this is wedding wednesday, and my invitations have all been sent out, here is a look at my invitation suite!

 front (above) & back (below)
the reply card and accommodations were tucked under the twine in the back of the invitation.  i couldn't be happier with how they turned out.  it was truly a labor of love! i enjoyed every second of the process: choosing the paper, the colors, the different shades of gray, the twine to wrap it all up.  it was just so fun!


  1. wow love these!!!!! such a great feeling to get the invites out isn't it?! your big day is coming up sooooo soon!!!!