Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Signed, sealed...almost delivered

on saturday night, shawn and i decided to have a small little celebration for our 2 month countdown. it was hot out, but not too hot for a little walk around town.  we had no plan, we just walked & we ended up in a little hole in the wall (which is actually my favorite kind of bar) & we just talked.  it is easily one of my favorite nights.  we drank beer and sat and talked about anything and everything.  it was carefree, easy, and just fun! i hope our whole lives are like that!

i decided that shawn & i should play questions. and so it went: what are you most excited about for the wedding day? are you nervous? are you excited to wear a wedding band? how should we kiss for our 1st kiss? do you want our first baby to be a boy or a girl? if they were going to make a movie about you, who would you want to play you? ...more importantly, who would play me? haha....

and, then, sunday morning my invitations creator dropped off the prettiest little wedding invitations i ever did see!

so, my monday (& some of tuesday) was spent applying stamps, assembling, sealing, labeling, and applying more stamps!  is it weird that i lovedddddd putting together the invitations? shallow hal was the only thing on tv & i think i watched the whole movie while assembling these little packages.

they are out in USPS land somewhere & it excites me to no end that some may be arriving by tomorrow!

speaking of tomorrow.... a first fitting is on the agenda, followed by bachelorette outfit shopping.  if that isn't just the perfect little day for a bride to be, i don't know what is!


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  1. im so nervous for that first kiss in front of everyone!!