Thursday, August 23, 2012

callin' all my girls!

i am so excited for a very bachelorette weekend!  i'm lucky enough to be finished work for the weekend at 12 sharp, so i have set up an appointment for my final dress fitting tomorrow afternoon. i can't wait to slip on my gown one more time! my momma will be joining me, so we will head to dinner afterwards, then its back to my place for a night filled with table arranging for the reception....  or as i like to think of it: a night filled with cocktails and laughs ;)

then saturday morning, i have a quick pitt stop at the hair salon and i'll  be off to part one of my bachelorette bash! i cannot wait! although i don't quite know what is in store, i know it will be a night to remember..

all photos via pinterest
have a great weekend, friends!!


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