Tuesday, August 28, 2012

callin all my girls! (the bachelorette weekend)

i don't even know where to start! this weekend was one of the most fun and most memorable weekends of my life! my mom picked me up at noon and we were off to my little courtney's house for a day filled with surprises.  i'll let the pictures do the talking...

his name was SHAWN!

 ( i LOVE this one!)

my gorge MOH! <3
 mother of the bride....sisters? ;)

 dance class with toe-massss (thomas) ... the most fun!
 the perfect mani for a bride-to-be!

i can't say thank you enough to my amazing girlfriends and my mom! this was truly one of my favorite weekends! i love you all!

the countdown is really on now! with 17 days to go, my brain is in overdrive and the little things are getting crossed off the list with each passing day.  to say i am excited would be a complete understatement ;)

happy tuesday, friends!



  1. Looks like an awesome weekend!!

  2. so fun!!!!! love your nails, and that awesome turquoise bag you have!!!!!

    1. thank you, thank you!! kate spade ;)