Friday, November 9, 2012

weekend wishes & a sneak peek

after a crazy week weather-wise, i'm looking forward to a weekend with warmer temperatures.  i am NOT ready for winter, and mother nature's little gift of snow earlier this week was not well received over here! makes me want to curl up & go to sleep until spring is here.

this weekend is filled with fun & exciting things that i have been looking forward to! this afternoon shawn & i are heading to cityhall to make it OFFICIAL.... the name change that is! sort of bittersweet.. but i have been signing my new name since the day we said " i do" ;)

afterwards we plan to stroll along, do a little shopping, and grab some dinner.  my brother's band is performing in the city tonight also, and i can't wait to see them!  it will be a perfect little date afternoon/night.

other weekend plans include : an afternoon date with my mom.  catching up with some college friends. updating some home decor.  and probably looking at our wedding photos for the 25th time ... :)

what are you looking forward to this weekend??


ps - a little sneak peek!

photos by the amazing george weiss III
find him here, here, or here

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  1. changing the name is total bittersweet!! have an amazing weekend!!