Monday, November 26, 2012

today i read this..

today i was perusing the interwebs and stalking...(i mean)... learning more about one of the most influential women in the news right now. and by that i mean none other than the real housewives of new york: specifically carol radziwill.  (saracastic about her being among the most influential women in the news right now, but she is influential to me! haha!)

photo from carol's website

i'm a romantic girl. i love love and i love romance and most of all i love reading a love story with a happy ending.  so when i read her bio on her personal website here i felt some kind of way.  because although there isn't necessarily a happy ending to her love story, the ending is really yet to come

she's so real and honest and so likeable.

i found her story a nice little read and thought i'd share.

hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving!


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