Monday, November 5, 2012

monday morning

it's a chilly monday morning and i've got some extra time before heading out the door, so i thought i'd sit down with my hot cup of coffee and tend to my long lost blog.  things have been .... a whirlwind since the wedding & honeymoon.  and while i've had no trouble filling up the time that was once devoted to wedding planning, i'm also left wondering where does time go??  i've been living for the weekends, but who doesn't?? this weekend was lovely - starting with a night in: homemade pizza & wine and lots of snuggles..followed by a major "fall" cleaning and a dinner guest...and ending with a baby shower & dinner date with family.

but, perhaps, the best part of this weekend was finally being able to view our professional wedding photos! i don't have access to post them just yet, but they are stunning and i've looked at them at least 4 times through already! each time, noticing something new to love. i can't wait to share them on here & will do that as soon as i can!

well, i guess it's that time.... have a fabulous monday!



  1. i feel the same way!! cant wait to see ur pix!

  2. Wedding pics are always exciting. And I need to see this saying every Monday when I'm on my way to work/sitting at my desk. ha ha!

    xo, Megan
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