Monday, July 2, 2012


this past weekend was so, so fun. friday evening was low-key, shawn and i just grilled out and then went out for a drink at the restaurant where we had our 1st date about 6 years ago! it's crazy to think about how things have changed (and somethings have stayed the same) in that time.

on saturday morning Kristen (MOH) and i picked up the bridesmaids dresses! they are STUNNING...even better than had i anticipated! the color is exactly what i was envisioning.  so happy:)

that evening, we were able to meet up with some of the other ladies and their men for some roof top fun, then we headed out on the town.

yesterday was another low-key relaxing day topped off with a neighborhood walk with shawn.

hope you had a fab weekend...


ps- happy july! summer is definitely here!

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  1. so excited to see your bridesmaids dresses!