Sunday, February 26, 2012

pinning away

lately, i have been finding myself dreaming of owning a home. i would say the dreams have alllllmost turned desperate... i can't stop thinking about how i would decorate each and every room. i day dream about whipping up some fantastic meals in my state of the art kitchen. hours cozied up in front of my fireplace in my beautiful living room. lush towels in a clean, crisp bathroom complete with a his & hers sink. i could go on & on!!

i blame two major culprits for these insistent day dreams...

culprit 1.

OBVIOUSLY - PINTEREST! i know i'm not alone in this. who doesn't have pin upon pin with home inspirations?!

i guess i have a thing for neutrals, huh?

culprit 2.  

last weekend S & i started our wedding registry! now that i have an idea of the items that i want to one day fill my home with, i just need the home;)

some of the items i'm most excited about :
 we have only just started the registering process but so far it has been so fun!

we still are planning to look at bedding, a toaster oven and a vacuum, among other things. i would love any advice or must have items i should add to our registry!


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