Wednesday, February 15, 2012


not only was yesterday valentine's day, but it was also the 7 month mark in the countdown to our WEDDING DAY! eeeeeeeks!! i've mentioned before that we usually do not make a big fuss over valentine's day. just a special meal and some good wine, linger a little longer in the hug, snuggle a little know, the little things. but this year is slightly different.  this is our first and last valentine's day as a an engaged couple. and to me (to us) this made valentine's day 2012 slightly more special :)

so it was quite a lovely surprise when i arrived home verrrry late from work to see a beautiful vase of red & raspberry tulips along with a little love note.  something that i was not expecting. something that was so beautifully written.  i will keep that letter forever.  and probably feel butterflies every time i read it.

it's the little things like this that make me realize & appreciate the meaning of love.  i will always remember what our priest told us at our pre-cana class back in october - it is no coincidence that you are sitting next to the person you are next to. what is happening, is meant to be happening. this is something so much bigger than you can ever imagine. you are your partner's life project, his/her key to heaven.  it is your life's job to get your partner into heaven.

this sentiment has stayed with me in my heart and in my mind. i love feeling like this once in a lifetime love, best friend, soul mate, forever kind of love is so much bigger than us.

when something special happens to us, we turn to each other and say, "always remember." ...
i will always remember...
...the second i knew shawn was about to get down on one knee & ask me to be his wife.
...our giggles & happiness during our engagement photo session.
...the closeness we felt after our pre-cana class.
...picking out our wedding bands & the feeling i got when i saw a wedding band on his hand for the 1st time! ....

i will always remember the giddiness of coming home to beautiful flowers & the loveliest of love letters... and knowing i'll always have a valentine...


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  1. Awh that was your best post ever! I love you guys and I'm so happy you both found each other! And 7 months! eeek! I can't wait to celebrate!