Tuesday, February 28, 2012

it's that time again...

about two weeks ago i signed up for the philadephia broad street run 2012! last year was my first time competing in the race, along with 30,000 others. and that is when i was bit. bit by the race bug. the broad street run was gorgeous, exciting, fun & a fairly easy course.

this year i am excited to be running along side my fiance! this will be his first race & i can't wait to share this experience with him! i hope that he, too, will fall in love with racing as i have. i would love to do a half marathon with him & perhaps even a full.

setting a goal with a partner makes achieving the goal all that more fun. although this is a more fun, less competitive race, i have set a goal for myself.  i'd like to cut a minute off my average mile time. this would leave me finishing ten minutes quicker than last year. i know i can do it!

this saying is so true for me. this is another reason why it is very helpful to have someone to hold you accountable. this is also why i force myself to get out the door before i'm awake enough to get onto the computer & get distracted.  shawn & i started going to the gym before work back in the fall when school started.  this has been the best part & the worst part of my work day! getting up is the hard part..but once at the gym i'm fine and feel awake. the gym is at my fingertips, almost no one comes to my gym at 5am. also, nothing compares to the feeling of coming home from work & not having to work out. i love being able to come home & relax, or have the option to head out if need be without missing my workout. i realize this is not for everyone, but it has really helped us!

time to start upping those miles...race day is may 6th! :)


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  1. i am so jealous that you get up so early to workout, i could never do that. you are going to kick broad streets booty and hopefully i'll be there cheering you guys on again this year :-)