Friday, December 23, 2011

birthday recap & christmas right around the corner..

i find that the holidays are the craziest time of the year along with the best time of the year.  my birthday is on the 19th, which to me, is the perfect way to start off the christmas celebrations! and the best way to round out the celebrations? with shawn's birthday on new year's! yes, that's a lot of celebrating in a very short period of time, but i know of no other way to do it so i absolutely love it!

with my birthday being on this past monday, shawn & i decided to have a little celebration, just the two of us, on saturday.  we started the day off with a little bit of shopping around town.  it was the perfect way to get into the spirit. we walked along main street, in and out of the little boutiques...which were perfectly adorned for the holidays. i love seeing strings of lights and holiday wreaths all around.  i found some perfect gifts for my brother & mom, as well as the perfect stocking stuffer for shawn. thankfully, he was outside on a phone call when i made that purchase! after our afternoon stroll, we headed home to wrap up some gifts & relax for a little bit before readying and heading out for the evening.

one thing we both love is a good bottle of champagne.  lately, we have decided that champagne doesn't need to be saved for special occasions, but rather enjoyed for all occasions that you want to make special! so we sipped on some bubbly while we got ready.

then we headed out to partake in...BOWLING! if you can believe it, in the 5 and a half years we have been together, we have NEVER gone bowling together!

after our game that went by way too quick, and shawn beat me so pathetically, we headed to the bar upstairs and enjoyed a drink or 2! then we played air hockey, where shawn may or may not have pathetically beaten me again ;)

it was the most fun!

on monday, we met with my mom & brother for some amazing sushi.
mom brought  my favorite wine: cupcake savignon blanc & a new one that i have been wanting to try: cupcake red velvet. which was perfect in every way!

 my brother's creatively wrapped gift (above) & its contents (below!!!)
 yes, all of that was consumed..

all in all, it was one fabulous birthday & i can't think of a better way to start my year!

christmas eve is tomorrow,  i can hardly believe it! today will be filled with wrapping & baking. the rest of the weekend? family, friends, food, laughs, love & a few presents :) i can't wait!

merry christmas to all!


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