Monday, September 19, 2011

i'm still here!

phewwwwww! things have been non stop around here. but i have missed blogging, a lot. i feel like i need to purge all my thoughts & the latest on the wedding planning. so, here goes!

we have our date! family is one of the most important things to me. it goes without saying that our wedding day be true to us & our families. shortly after our engagement, when we started considering dates, i thought that it would be really special to use my parents wedding date as ours. so, of course, i rushed to a calendar to see what day september 14th fell on in 2012.  a friday! just like my mom & dad! it was meant to be;)

we have our church! and we are all signed up for pre-cana classes. i met with our priest today after work and can i just state that he is not the same person that performs our 9am sunday mass! this man, with the mouth of a sailor, was joking with me and carrying on like we were old beer buddies.  he even told me that he used to be a philly police officer and when he asked his long time girlfriend to marry him, and she said no, he then turned to the priesthood.  how interesting! i could have chatted with him all evening! i think this is a good sign...

we have chosen our reception site! after having a not so pleasant experience, which i am trying to block out of my brain (so bad that i cried my eyes out & reconsidered everything!) shawn & i went to check out a place oh a whim, really to please my mom.  know that saying "mom knows best"? well, it's true. from the second we parked the car, we knew we were stepping foot on what would be OUR reception site. let's just say, it will be beautiful;) classic & elegant..ahh, so excited!

we have our dj! thanks to several friends who have used them at their wedding, we have chosen schaffer sound as our dj. they are awesome & very professional!

we have our photographer! george weiss III talented.  i am beyond words excited that this amazing artist will be photographing the biggest day of my life! a friend of my brothers'...met him & his wife last week. feel like we have known each other our entire lives. we set up our engagement session for mid october!! so, if you have any outifit ideas or suggestions, please do share;)

i have my first dress appointment! next week i have a dentist appoint near my mom's house.  coincidentally, my dentist is very close to a bridal boutique.  so my mom made an appointment! i have been looking on their website for hours tonight, noting my favorites. we will have only one hour so i want to go in there prepared!

we have selected our wedding bands! recently, shawn and i took my ring to be cleaned & have the prongs checked. while we waited, we tried on some was so fun! and i literally got chills when shawn put on a wedding band. he ended up deciding on a titanium band. i think (although his hand is oddly posed) it looks so handsome on him!
i, of course, wanted to try on everything & anything the place had to offer! and i did...but in the end shawn & i chose this thin band. it looked the best with my engagement ring, like it was meant to go with it! (my engagement ring was not part of a wedding set)

so, although i have a lot checked off of my wedding "to do" list, i still have a lot to go..
-book honeymoon (going to ARUBA!)
-hair & makeup
- favors
- hotel arrangements
- rehearsal dinner site
- limo/trolly
- select bridesmaid dresses
- my shoes
- groom & groomsmen rentals...
etc, etc, etc!

but with 360 days to go, i think i'm a little ahead of the game...if you have any advice or suggestions, i welcome it all!

we have a wedding this weekend for a great couple (friends of mine from college).  i cannot wait to see everyone, especially the beautiful bride!!


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  1. OMG where to begin?! First off, I love this post! I can feel my excitement growing! You are totally ahead of the game, and I'm so happy for you. See, I told you everything would fall into place and damn it looks like it sure has! You are so prepared, now you can have fun with the rest of your journey. ARUBA HONEYMOON? I am very excited, it is "One Happy Island" and with hurricane season in full swing in September, you'll have piece of mind booking your trip there. Didn't seeing Shawn with a ring on his finger make you swoon? Still, whenever I catch a glance of Ian's ring it give me butterflies. I know he would never wear a ring if it wasn't so special, it brings be back to our big day. I am so excited to see what dress you pick! I'm not sure what look you are going to go for, but I have a few images in my head. Can't wait to see you to hear more and more!