Tuesday, September 6, 2011

home sweet home

we are back! after a day full of flying, layovers, driving, and unpacking we are finally home and relaxing on the couch!

it was a fabulous long weekend away filled with amazing food, awesome weather, and fabulous conversations with some pretty incredible people...

back to the real world - this is going to be a little harsh! back to working doubles for the rest of the week & the end of summer....makes me think back to some of the highlights of these past few months: first & foremost! our engagement.. the best day of my life! several bridal showers & bachelorette parties...followed by, of course, weddings!  vacations & time spent with family...an earthquake, hurricane & tornado all in the same week! relaxing and having the chance to read several books.  the start of the wedding planning process...so many memories made this summer!

when our plane landed home this afternoon, i was surprised to feel the coolness in the air.  so, i guess fall is here...i'm looking forward to it:) bring it on! wedding planning, half marathon & football, oh my:)


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  1. Thanks for your sweet words today:) Congrats on your engagement!! See I missed that too, wahhhh I am trying to catch up:)

    What 1/2 Mary are you running? I am running Savannah in Nov. (God willing, my aching hip & pelvis issues!!!)

    Ok, have you ever read Skinny Runner blog? Some of your pics looks so much like her!!! Go ck her out,,,,, she is super star runner, lol!

    PS: don't forget to swing by tomorrow for my blogaversary giveaway:)