Friday, March 4, 2016

friday vibes

friday is just about the best day of the week, isn't it? starting sunday, i start dreaming of what kind of fun and exciting things the coming weekend will bring.  this helps to keep the sunday stomach in check, and gives me some motivation to power through the work week.

i'm lucky in that my job can be pretty flexible, and i often wind up having fridays off (or working from home)... making friday even better! lately, shawn and i have been crossing off restaurants from our foodie bucket list and tonight we continue with a little italian byob nearby.  it is kind of funny the way our tastes have changed as we have gotten older.  i can remember a time when going to a byob seemed completely boring and uninteresting... especially on a friday after working all week, we felt we needed someone to make our drinks in order to truly kick start the weekend.

now, i am especially excited to try out a new (byob) spot, imagining it to be small, dimly lit, and a bit romantic.  shawn and i are at an exciting point in our relationship and marriage.  kind of on the threshold of starting a family and soaking up every second of our lives as they are, just the two of us (plus Daisy!)... i have an appreciation for the small, quiet moments at home, the spur of the moment happy hour/brunch/dinner dates, or cozying up on the couch and bingeing on netflix.  life isn't perfect, and we don't know what will come for us, but i can honestly say i am happy and content to be where i am right now.

i hope your friday sets your weekend off right.  what will you be up to?

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