Tuesday, October 13, 2015

hi, it's so nice to meet you!

I always love when other bloggers post q & a/getting to know you posts, and thought I'd do one of my own!

1. Where were you born? Philadelphia, Pa

2. What is your eye color? Green

3. Where is your favorite vacation? ARUBA

4. What is your favorite movie? The Holiday (Hey, Jude)

5. Favorite food? This is seriously a toughie because I LOVE ALL the food!! Top picks: Seafood (lobster, shrimp, crab, clams), Sushi, really good salads

6. Where would you like to visit? Portland, Maine and St. Lucia are at the top of the list currently

7. Guilty Pleasure? Definitely my obsession with Bravo reality TV, right now Ladies of London to be exact ;) and wine, love my wine!

8. I'm happiest when I am at: the beach

9. My favorite piece of jewelry is: my wedding rings

10. Drink of choice? depends on the time ;) I love my two cups of coffee each morning, but when happy hour hits my go-to is a crisp sauvignon blanc, or a dirty martini with really good olives

11. Favorite flower? anemone (white with black center) and ranunculus

12. Weekend hotspot?  love my weekly wegmans & costco runs ;) followed by a date night.  lately, been loving our date nights at home watching back to back episodes of homeland

13. How do you relax? a day at the beach is preferred, but not always possible! I love to curl up at home in a bed of blankets with my husband and Daisy girl

14. Favorite season? As much as I love the sun and sea, fall just must be the best time of the year

15. Can't live without? mascara, nude lipstick, cuyana tote, and of course my family

16. Celebrity Crush? Based on looks? George Clooney, Daniel Craig (hello james bond), Ryan Gosling....  Based on personality? Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg - they make me laugh :)

17. Girl Crush: Blake Lively, Joanna Gaines

18. Dream job: Shawn and I would love to have a small farm with goats, sheep, chickens, and lots of dogs! To bring home the bacon, we want to own a small coffee shop where Shawn brews the java and I bake the sweets :)

19. My passions: running, reading, shopping, trying new recipes, and spending time with my family

20. Looking forward to: holidays with my family!

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