Monday, July 13, 2015

the beach fixes everything...

in my previous life i must have been a creature that lived by the beach because i sure do long to be there every moment of every day! we have been lucky to have the chance to sneak away again this summer as my aunt has a house in beach haven, lbi.  shawn and i snuck away for an extended weekend away and my soul and heart are full! (though i cannot wait to be back there this weekend)  i'm fairly certain that i could live at the beach year round, scooping ice cream or being a barista... i don't care, just get me closer to that sand and sun! my mornings consisted of long runs scoping out my dream houses (obsessed with charming beach cottages), yummy coffee, and walking Daisy along the beach.  days were spent soaking up the sun and reading good books. and evenings were devoted to a cocktail (or 2!), fresh, unbelievable seafood, and a bike ride to watch the sunset.

is it friday yet??

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