Wednesday, May 20, 2015

a girls weekend

about 6 years ago my mom began telling me about plans for a girls trip that included some of her cousins and their daughters.  many of these women i had never met before and, i admit, at first i was not fully into it.  she explained that we would meet at the half way point, an old farm house surrounded by sheep in the middle of pennsylvania.  i didn't know at the time that this trip would begin a tradition of yearly "lamb camp" getaways that have created memories and priceless lasting relationships.  we made our trek to bedford, pa about a week and a half ago for lamb camp 2015, and i am still having some withdrawal after a wonderful 4 days with some amazing women.  the weather could not have been more perfect and, because it is the heart of lambing season, there were plenty of babies to snap photos of.  if only we were allowed to hold them!!

until next time, lamb camp!

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