Tuesday, March 31, 2015

a sweet escape

late last night shawn and i arrived home from a few days away in florida.  we spent most of our days with my in laws in boynton beach, but the main reason behind the visit was to attend a wedding in Islamorada, one of the gorgeous Florida Keys. we try to escape to florida once or twice a year, and my in laws try to make it up here at least once, but the goodbyes never get easier and we always leave teary eyed!

this visit was an especially fun one, though, and i am still laughing at some of the adventures we found ourselves in the midst of!  particularly, friday when we set our for an early morning kayak and found ourselves caught in a thunderstorm.  i didn't want to show it, but i'm pretty sure my life did flash before my eyes! thankfully, we were able to find shelter under a bridge and wait out the storm.  afterwards, the sky was bright and sunny, and we had a delicious outdoor lunch of fresh seafood and pina coladas..YUM!

many days were spent relaxing by the pool with a book in hand.  i have to say, this was the best time of year to visit south florida because the temperatures stayed in the 60s-70s, a welcomed change from our start of spring 40s-50s.

i hope you enjoy a glimpse of our trip! . . .

now it's back to the real world...already day dreaming of our next vacation... :)

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