Monday, October 22, 2012

this week...

this week, i will...

... attend 3 trainings for work.  i feel so lucky to be able to attend these trainings and learn new things. today was the first day of training and i found myself engaged & interested the whole time.  excited to see what tomorrow's and friday's trainings will bring!

....stress less about the things i cannot control.  a tough one for me!

... get back into regular workouts.  ever since the honeymoon i have been finding more & more reasons to skip the workouts. time to get back to it! would probably help with the stress too!

... go to bed earlier - with "disconnecting" being a part of this. lately, i find myself spending more & more time online.  doing what? not sure! wasting time, clicking mindlessly and keeping my brain going.  by unplugging earlier, my mind can have some more time to unwind allowing me to fall asleep sooner & earlier.

...drink more water.  self explanatory!

what will you do this week?

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