Thursday, October 11, 2012

husbands are the new black

i'm back.  and i'm a married woman!

our wedding day was simply perfect.  all of our dreams & visions brought to life.  the greatest day of our lives, and one that has created the memories of a lifetime.

we arrived home from aruba a week after the wedding and decided to lay low for a few days before returning to work.  a little something we like to call our staycation.  it was completely perfect.  we slept in.  we re-read our wedding cards.  we took walks.  we went out to eat for every meal! 

i sorta of kept that sentiment for a little while longer by not blogging just yet, in hopes to hold on to that honeymoon feeling and let it linger a little bit longer.  and, while the honeymoon is certainly not over (i hope it never ends!), things have settled down and we go about life as usual now.  thus....I'M BACK!

we haven't received any professional photos yet...not even any teasers! but i can share with you some photos that friends and family posted on Facebook.
our photographer's wife took this with her phone during our first look
just pronounced husband & wife!

my best girl friends at the reception

mrs. & mr.!

just posin' with my cake!
sneaking in a smooch during our first dance
i'll share more photos as i receive them! hope you enjoyed! have a great wednesday!



  1. I love the title of this post, indeed they are - that is if you have one haha. You looked gorgeous on your wedding, per usual!