Friday, June 1, 2012

friday things

well, we are back after a 6 day get-away where i feel like all we did was relax, read, eat, and repeat! it was so wonderful to spend time with family & have no time restraints and no schedule.  it was the best kind of vacation.  while away, shawn & i celebrated one year of being engaged.  it was a special day starting out with a little breakfast date, and ending up pool side with a cold drink in hand :)

here's a few photos i snapped via instagram:

it's always so hard coming home, back to reality after an amazing time away. but all in all, it is good to be home- to sleep in my own bed! and it just makes me thankful to have such fabulous people in my life!

lots to look forward to! (more to come on that!) happy weekend, friends!


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