Monday, June 6, 2011

wonderful whirlwind of a weekend :)

this weekend was jam packed with fun & friends...i'm so thankful to have been able to see almost all of the important people in my life in one unexpected & surprising! i love it!

let's start with friday! my FIANCEE and i ;) <love love LOVE saying the F word :)> went to see the hangover part 2.  it was between bridesmaids and hangover..we opted for the latter.  the movie was definitely funny, but i prefer the first. although, they were practically the same movie! more importantly though, getting to the point here, i was beyond ecstatic upon entering the movie theater and discovering the front row was filled with 6 of my best buds from PSU!!! we had arrived fairly early for the movie, unsure how full the theater would be,  so i had ample time to catch up my girls on all things proposal & engagement related before the movie started =)

saturday: where do i begin to discuss the fun that was had saturday evening?! my dear friends, and fellow engaged couple, invited us to join them for a birthday party/open bar at a one of our favorite spots in the city. and, well, the photos speak for themseleves: (sorry for photo overload, but not really)

beyonce's got nothin on me!

court & fred, thank you so much for inviting us along! we had THE BEST time with you all, xo!!

don't you love it when your friends' family feels like your own family?! i love them!!!!

sunday: yesterday we were up & at em bright and early for manayunk bike race 2011!!  thankfully, the day was not too hot. in past years, we sweated our butts off! for those who are not familiar with bike race, professional teams from different countries come to the city of brotherly love to race up the hills of manayunk while the locals cheer them on from the streets. it is a day filled with BBQ, beers (or mimosas if you are me!), games, and great friends.  more pics:

 (please note the patriotic apparel!)

all in was a great weekend!!! loved seeing so many friends in all one weekend...hope your weekend was fab as well!!


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  1. Awh, looks like you all had so much fun! It makes me so sad that I'm so far away :-(