Thursday, June 23, 2011

wedding blogs & photos for your viewing pleasure!

lately i have been thinking quite a bit about my wedding! there are two wedding blogs that i check in with on a daily basis for inspiration...

i love the feature on the first link that allows you to view weddings by color or season.  in fact, this is exactly how we chose our color pallet! do you have any favorite wedding blogs?

as i mentioned yesterday, shawn & i attended an expo at the franklin institute on tuesday evening. while there i recieved some more color inspiration:

this shade of purple is so gorgeous & looks amazing with the peacock colors...just love it!


i also wanted to share this with you:

 last week, i was finally able to get together with some of my former co-workers.  the end of the school year is such a crazy & hectic time to coordinate schedules..but we eventually got it right! they were so sweet & gave me this awesome gift! it is a wine bottle filled with a string of lights and personalized with a label reading:
(above photo taken using instagram, free iphone app- if you don't have it, get it! it's so fun!)

and how stinkin cute are the bride & groom chocolate covered pretzels! they are (almost) too cute to eat!!


and on the book front, i finally made it to the library yesterday & picked up three books.  for my summer reading i like fun, easy, light beachy reads. so i am starting with

says amazon:
This slick reimagining of the Pygmalion myth has two wealthy young socialites trying to remake an aspiring jewelry designer in their own image. Julia Pearce, a salesgirl at Pelham's department store in New York, is flustered when she's summoned to bring heiress Lell Pelham her jewels on the morning of Lell's wedding. Both Lell and her best friend (and rival) Polly Mecox spot potential in beautiful Julia, and they decide to help her refine her manners so that she can fit in with their set. At first, Julia is dazzled by the wealth and sophistication of the world Lell and Polly inhabit; but she gradually begins to see the cracks in the perfect facade: the competition between Lell and Polly that simmers beneath the veneer of their friendship, Lell's affair with a rich playboy months after her marriage to handsome Will Banks, and Will's own wandering eye, which has landed on Julia. Karasyov and Kargman's second collaboration is the perfect light spring read, full of biting barbs lobbed at New York's elite. Kristine Huntley
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved
i have read just about the first 50 pages or so & i really like it thus far!
and now i'm off for a morning run - gotta get out there before it's too hot!
have a fabulous day, xo!

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