Monday, May 2, 2011

whatttta weekend!

talk about bizzzzzeeeeee! this weekend was awesome & one that i will not soon forget.  complete with a wedding, friends, family & a 10 i can't believe i'm awake right now haha...
let's start with friday night!... dinner & shopping with momma: a perfect prelude to what was sure to be a fun filled weekend.  mom treated me to dinner and wished me lots of luck on my first race since high school.  (I will not discuss how long ago that was!) her last words of advice to me as we parted ways: "DO NOT SH!T YOUR PANTS!"

ok, thanks mom! i'll be sure to NOT do that:)

saturday: runners expo/grocery shop/wedding/FRIENDS!

sunday: wake up time 4:45 am. race start time: 8:30. as i mentioned, this was my first race since high school.  and while i was a sprinter back then, i have been training for this 10 miler for a few months and felt pretty confident going into it. the broad street run is a ten mile race known as the easiest 10 miler on the east coast. i don't mean to down play the run at any cost...this was definitely an intense run.  but, i will say that i set a personal goal to run the race in 90 minutes, and achieved that goal without feeling overly exerted at the finish.  which means to me that i could have picked up the pace a bit.  however, i was really running this for fun, not as a competitive thing! there were times throughout the race where i had chills all over my body because of the energy of the crowds and people that had filled the streets to cheer everyone on. once we reached city hall, mile marker 5, i practically felt tears in my eyes (dramatic, i know!!) because it was such an amazing view!! i turned back to my awesome running partner (who wishes to remain anonymous) and we both agreed how awesome this whole thing was.  mile 5 came and went...mile 6:feeling tired, take an energy shot. mile 7:exhaustion is settling in. mile 8: energy shot/adrenaline kicking in. mile 9:sprinting to the finish. 
afterwards: feeling pure euphoria. words can't express what i felt upon completing something, at my goal time, that i had been training for for so long. i cannot wait to run the half marathon in november!! i have definitely been bitten by the race bug...a new addiction for sure!

some photos from the weekend:

shawn's eyes refused to remain open long enough for a nice photo: this will have to suffice:/ haha!


so, one may say to him/herself, after such a fabulous weekend, what could be better?

and, i may say to you, well a promotion at work would certainly make the work week after such weekend a bit more bearable!

that's right, shawn received word this morning that he will be starting his new position tomorrow morning, complete with a 10% raise.  thank you to the LORD for this, in these times, we are so thankful & grateful!

i hope your weekend was FAB<3

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