Wednesday, May 25, 2011

concrete jungle where dreams are made of

i am super excited because shawn & i decided that since we have no plans for this weekend, we might as well take a trip to our beloved NYC!

back in September we had reservations for a wine tasting sailboat tour of manhattan on the hudson through manhattan by sail. so we packed up our bags and we were off for the weekend to sip, sail, sight see & shop through nyc . . . we did all of the above save for the sail part :-/  there ended up being a horrendous storm canceling our sailboat tour. but the good news was that we would just have to plan another trip! 

fast forward to yesterday, and i'm sitting here thinking, what can we do this weekend?..what can we do this weekend??...I KNOW! SAIL ALONG THE MANHATTAN SIPPIN ON SOME WINE! shawn says, great! let's do it!

so this morning, i call and make a reservation for 2.  no problems! yay, i'm thinking this is a great weekend for nyc because most people will be headed to the shore. so i then proceed to visit the website because i'm a bit curious as to what the theme for this tasting just may be.  our tasting back in september was set to be spanish reds.

look down the list.

find the date..

ah ha! 


whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! um....... wait. a. minute..!?!?

well. now. what the HECK! what kind of wine tasting theme is "wedding proposal"?!

if you know me at all, you may or may not have been enlightened into my very small, slight, miniscule of a desire to be engaged like yesterday. and while i have tried to keep my personal feelings at bay in order to not drive shawn running for the hills, this about knocked me off my chair.  five years of dating mr. wonderful...a sailboat proposal would be quite romantic! but let's not get ahead of ourselves, eh?

anyway, i, of course, proceeded to call the woman back & request some more info on said tasting and she assured me that there will in fact be NO ONE getting married, being proposed to, or anything of the like. 

so, while i may be day dreaming until sunday of my sailboat proposal, in the back of my mind i do not feel as though IT will be happening to me this weekend. had to share my silly story, hope it at least made you smile:)

and let's hope for a beautiful, sunny day!

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  1. O M G! I'll be thinking of you all weekend with my phone in hand waiting for good news! love love LOVE this post, made me smile :-)