Friday, January 28, 2011

..more like cityLOATHE!

ok, not city loathe, but kinda feeling a snow loathe!  don't get me wrong. i love the beautiful white scenery, the quiet after a snow fall, and the smell (yes, snow has a smell)! 
a few of the photos i snapped last night on our walk to main street
but living in a city that is not snow friendly sure makes me hate all things winter & snow related!  we're going on day 3 of being snowed in, and the cabin fever is setting in.  this morning i watched out my front window as TEN cars were stuck on the hill.  
two more cars were to the left but i couldn't fit it all in one picture!
as i sit here typing, the snow has started to come down once again.  the weather people are predicting another inch before the end of the day.  UHHHHHHHH! other news: it's friday!!! yayy!  i am beyond excited that friday is here for one small reason.  
actually, it's a huge reason!  i get to see my college friends tonight! i love these girls!
here we are back in november, the last time we were together!

 happy friday=)

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